A minimalist programming language

code demo

Scrabble Oracle

Webapp for calculating the best Scrabble plays (Haskell, Elm)

code demo


Yet Another Ray Tracer (Haskell)

code demo


CLI version control utility that syncs with Dropbox (Node)

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Blockchain Buddies

an ERC-721 inspired crypto collectibles Ethereum application (Solidity, React/Redux)

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Waterfall Color Gradient

color picker and discrete gradient generator (HTML, CSS, JS)

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Chat Doodle

livestream your doodles for business or fun (Node)

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define SB rules to help your CA team take over. 1 - 4 players. (Node)

code demo

Causality Paradox

3D 1st person puzzle game with novel time travel mechanics.

code demo

Amoeba Edit

a text editor in a petri dish

code demo


a quick-and-dirty static templating CLI (Node)

code demo


A poor man's client-side templating engine

code demo

minimum edit distance

diff strings and lists with levenshtein distance

code demo

Time Release Encryption Whitepaper

a novel P2P approach to time release encryption

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$ whoami

$ cat about.txt
Programming appeals to my creativity better than any other medium. Being a software engineer is like being a regular engineer except the builders work at the speed of light and the materials are free.

And that thing you made is also alive.

With this Frankensteinian power I indulge both whimsy and utility by creating

- games
- command line utils
- experimental art
- white papers

Some of this is perusable on the "code" page.